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The firm of Robert I. Cohen, P.C. was initially formed by Robert Cohen. In 2008, Mark Henze joined the firm after returning from teaching college in California over the past 8 years. In early 2015, Robert I. Cohen retired after 40 years of bankruptcy practice and the firm of Henze & Associates, P.C. was formed to carry on.


Mark Henze has 40 years of experience in the fields of Probate, Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning and Consumer Bankruptcy law and has practiced since 1981. Mark was previously a shareholder in his own firm and with Henze & Rosen, P.C. Besides his Law degree (J.D.), Mark also has Ph.D. degrees in Educational Studies and a Masters in Philosophy & Ethics. He spent about 8 years in the early 2000's as a college professor in Southern California at Biola University (along with several other universities as an adjunct professor). During this time, Mark participated in numerous forums, conferences, grant programs and even provided opinions and comments to the U.S. Congress regarding the 2005 changes to the Bankruptcy Code. (Sadly, most were not implemented). He has a knack of explaining the law to clients in a way that they can understand.

By specializing in these areas, the law firm of Henze & Associates, P.C. is able to offer clients both a high level of expertise and personalized service. We provide a hands-on approach to every case. Our experience will be used for your benefit. While most lawyers spend little time with their clients, Mark will give you examples of all the paperwork to be filled out and discuss the various options and possibilities in your case.

We will not lead you down a road that has little chance of success, but at the same time we will not avoid possibilities, strategies and options just because it's more work for the firm.  Once you retain us as your attorney, we will carefully and candidly advise you while advocating for your interests in every step of the process. We have also put together what is likely the most informative website available and clients of this firm have exclusive access to forms, resources, articles and other information that many attorneys are not even aware of.

Mark knows that these types of cases can include personal and difficult decisions. He will always take the time to explain the law to you and thoroughly answer all of your questions. While there are some things that you will need to do to help move your case along, Mark will ensure that your case goes as smoothly as possible so that you can move on with your life and focus on things that are more important to plan for the good days ahead.

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