CoVid19 and Our Office

Office Information:

Our office here at Henze & Associates, P.C. is quite technological and has been for some time.

We take great care at the office to keep things properly sanitized and accomodate face to face meetings (with appropriate social distancing, of course). Yet we are also fully set up to deal with most matters in a way that avoids the necessirty of phyically coming down to the office or having to meet face to face.

For example, meetings can be held by telephone or by Zoom if you desire. Just let us know and we'll send you an invitation to attend by Zoon if you desire. We can send instructions, questionaires and documents by e-mail to you and once you are a client, you'll have access to all of the documents, forms and information you'll need on the website using the client password.

In addition, any documents that you need to transmit may be done in a variety of ways. You can send them by e-mail (if you can scan or access them as .pdf documents) or by fax. Of course there is always the option to drop them off at the office reception desk or use snail mail. Sorry, but passenger pigeons have trouble with the building's glass windows.

When it comes to retainer amounts and payments, as you might expect, we cannot take a credit card for payment from the person filing the bankruptcy and while debit cards can be used, we must be able to have the card physically present to process. As a result, checks, money orders, and cash are normally the best.



NOW - Only through February 21, 2021 - New exemption allows up to $4,000 in bank accounts when filing! Click HERE for more information!

Exemption for 4,000 in Bank Account



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CoVid and Bankruptcy